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The Feengrotten – a World of Experience – can be reached by bus, train or by car.

All these travel possibilities can be found here in summary.

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Grottoneum - Feengrotten - Feenweltchen

Children 9,90 €
Adults 14,90 €


Grottoneum - Feengrotten

Children 7,90 €
Adults 11,90

Opening Times

May - October
Feengrotten / Grottoneum/ Feenweltchen
Daily 9.30am to 5.00pm

November - April    
Feengrotten / Grottoneum
Daily 10.30am to 3.30pm

Grottoneum - a museum to discover

Grottoneum - a museum to discover

Download the Grottoneum Explorer Map in PDF-Format here >>

Have you ever wondered how the magnificent caves at the Saalfeld Feengrotten were created? The Grottoneum is a unique, hands-on museum within the Feengrotten Park, designed especially in answer to that question. Visit the Grottoneum and dive into the living history of today’s exhibition grottoes.

Those looking for dusty showcases and large wall charts will search in vain. Here at the Grottoneum, listening, reading, touching, smelling and tasting are the order of the day. Let your fantasy lead you on the trail of thrilling, interactive discovery. Ancient miners, precious minerals and giant scorpions from the Silurian Sea await you in this subterranean world.

Learn how miners in the Middle Ages lit their lamps and brought fresh air deep underground. Let your imagination run wild as you puzzle together the colourful minerals and the molecules of the fairy caves. Visit the Grotto cinema and discover the hidden secrets of the Feengrotten.

These and many more activities await you within the Grottoneum – an adventure for the whole family.

Further information:
Visitor Guide - A Museum to Discover >>

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Grottoneum - a museum to discover
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