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The Feengrotten – a World of Experience – can be reached by bus, train or by car.

All these travel possibilities can be found here in summary.

We look forward to your visit.


Grottoneum - Feengrotten - Feenweltchen

Children 9,90 €
Adults 14,90 €


Grottoneum - Feengrotten

Children 7,90 €
Adults 11,90

Opening Times

May - October
Feengrotten / Grottoneum/ Feenweltchen
Daily 9.30am to 5.00pm

November - April    
Feengrotten / Grottoneum
Daily 10.30am to 3.30pm

Frequently asked Questions

Is it necessary to register in advance? How can I register and how long should I book in advance?
In order that we have enough places for all our visitors, we ask that you book your visit to the Heilstollen Remedial Cave at least 2-3 days in advance, by telephone, fax, email or via our website ( Our Customer Service team is happy to advise you by telephone: 03671- 55 040.

When can I visit the Heilstollen Remedial Cave?
The Saalfeld Feengrotten is open to the public the entire year, except for December and January. Appointments and opening times for the Heilstollen can be found on our website ( or on our current flyer, which can be ordered directly from the Feengrotten.

Is it possible to access the Heilstollen Remedial Cave by wheelchair?
Yes, the path from the entrance of the Feengrotten to the Heilstollen is accessible by wheelchair (only the entrance stairway must be descended on foot). Should you require a wheelchair during your visit, rental models are available from the Feengrotten (seated area 50 cm wide).

What should I be aware of before I enter the cave?
In the interests of all visitors, we ask that attendees arrive 20 minutes before their appointment, to allow entry to the cave. The meeting place is at the Administration Building in the morning, and at the Feengrotten Ticket Office for afternoon appointments.

What is the temperature inside the cave?
The temperature remains a steady c. 10°C throughout the year, with an atmospheric humidity of 98%.

What should I bring with me?
For your visit to the Heilstollen Remedial Cave, we recommend you wear warm, comfortable casual clothes.

What facilities are available under ground?
All visitors to the Heilstollen Remedial Cave are given a personal sleeping bag and a deckchair with a bedroll for use during the treatment. Tea and mineral water are also served.

How long does a treatment take and how often are they held?
Each treatment lasts two hours.

How can I pay?
Payment is possible in cash or with a recognised bank debit card. Entry tickets can be bought either after the therapy (mornings) or before (afternoons) at the Feengrotten Ticket Office. When required, a receipt can be issued once your therapy is completed.

How much does a visit to the Heilstollen Remedial Cave cost?
A single visit to the Heilstollen costs 17 €. However, discounts are available depending on individual needs and requirements. Please contact our Customer Service team or refer to our website ( for details.

Who can visit the Heilstollen?
As a rule, anyone of any age may enjoy Heilstollen speleotherapy. However, for longer stays or for chronic illnesses, please consult your doctor first. Please note the General Conditions listed on our website:

What can I take into the cave and what should stay outside?
You are welcome to bring a drink or your favourite book with you. However, food, alcoholic drinks, and mobile telephones and other electronic devices are are not permitted. Animals are required to remain outside.

How do I reach the Heilstollen Remedial Cave?
Entry to the cave is c.100 m by foot. Our trained staff will accompany you during your entire visit.

Are there toilet facilities in the Heilstollen?
No, there are no toilet facilities within the Heilstollen, however it is possible to use the toilets by the entrance to the Feengrotten (c. 100 m) outside the cave. Wherever possible, please use these facilities before the rest period begins.

Where is the Heilstollen?
The Heilstollen Remedial Cave is located directly inside the Feengrotten Display Mine. Detailed information will be given to you upon arrival.

Where can I park my car?
A free visitor car park is available at the Saalfeld Feengrotten.

What if something goes wrong while I am in the cave?
All accidents must be reported to our caregivers and staff. In the case of ill health, please speak to one of the Heilstollen staff members, who are professionally trained in the use of First Aid emergency response medicine.

Is it possible to speak to a doctor during my visit?
We are happy to arrange a consultation with a local doctor.

Do I need to find my own accommodation during my visit?
Three lovingly furnished double rooms and a holiday apartment are available for to rent within the Feengrotten Park.

What is important to know during my visit to the Heilstollen?

Take your time and let the pure air of the Heilstollen work its effect on your body. Don’t visit when you are under time pressure; instead come relaxed and enjoy this special rest.

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