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The Feengrotten – a World of Experience – can be reached by bus, train or by car.

All these travel possibilities can be found here in summary.

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Grottoneum - Feengrotten - Feenweltchen

Children 9,90 €
Adults 14,90 €


Grottoneum - Feengrotten

Children 7,90 €
Adults 11,90

Opening Times

May - October
Feengrotten / Grottoneum/ Feenweltchen
Daily 9.30am to 5.00pm

November - April    
Feengrotten / Grottoneum
Daily 10.30am to 3.30pm

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Feengrotten City Saalfeld

Feengrotten City Saalfeld

Historic Merian engraving from 1652

It is listed as the most colourful exhibition mine in the world by the Guinness Book of Records and has brought the city of Saalfeld renown far beyond Germany’s borders: the Feengrotten. It stands as an impressive testament to mining in the Middle Ages and at the same time, offers a multitude of experiences, both above and below ground.

Saalfeld is counted among Thuringia’s oldest cities, with a history of settlement of more than 1,100 years. That the attractive city Saalfeld has much to offer is evidenced with its nickname “The Stone Chronicle of Thuringia”.

Discover a unique testimony to Thuringia’s history with an expedition to this former residential city. Idyllically situated in the picturesque Saale Valley on the edge of the Thuringia Slate Mountains, and surrounded by gentle hills and green forests, Saalfeld is an ideal starting point for short trips and hiking tours in and around the city. Discover for yourself the Thuringia forest and the Saale Reservoir, as well as many other interesting castles, palaces and cloisters.

There are many attractions within the city’s walls, all easily reached on foot. Numerous cafes and  restaurants offer an invitation for a relaxing pause. Would you like to spend a couple of days relaxing, while experiencing nature and culture? Then why not spend your holiday in our charming small town? We look forward to seeing you!

Stroll into the living past

It has been said that Saalfeld is a “city of gables, arched gateways and towers”. Even today, four well-preserved gateways adorn the city. Beside the prominent steeples of the Johannes Church, the gateways provide an unmistakable view of Saalfeld. The Darrtor is the oldest tower gate to survive from the former city fortifications. The first settlement of the present-day city area was given “Marktrecht” (the right to hold markets, a founding document for a German town, similar to a charter) in 1074, and the city was constructed in a triangular-form, usual for the time. The 1863-incorporated village parish has maintained its rural character to the current day.

To the east of the city, the Saale Gateway leads to the River Saale. A relief figure of the Archangel Michael can be found at the top of the archway as you pass through. The figure gives the gate its nickname: “the Angel’s Gateway”.

Through the Upper Gateway to the south and the northern Blankenburg Gateway ran the former military and trade route between Nuremberg and Leipzig. Travellers and merchants, who had successfully navigated the Thüringian forests, passed through Saalfeld, enjoying the hospitable city before continuing with their journeys.

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