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The Feengrotten – a World of Experience – can be reached by bus, train or by car.

All these travel possibilities can be found here in summary.

We look forward to your visit.


Grottoneum - Feengrotten - Feenweltchen

Children 9,90 €
Adults 14,90 €


Grottoneum - Feengrotten

Children 7,90 €
Adults 11,90

Opening Times

May - October
Feengrotten / Grottoneum/ Feenweltchen
Daily 9.30am to 5.00pm

November - April    
Feengrotten / Grottoneum
Daily 10.30am to 3.30pm

Fairyfon: +49 3671 55040 | Contact
Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes    the most colourful show caves of the world ...
Grottoneum    a museum to discover...
Feenweltchen    the magival otherworld ...


A World Full of Fantasy

Many years ago, miners near Saalfeld set off in search of gold, silver and other coveted treasures. Black alum shale was discovered here. After mining the black rock, nature transformed the caves into a co­lourful underground world over the course of time, today’s Fairy Grottoes. Find out lots of interes­ting facts about the show mine’s history and the miners’ lives during the guided tour.

In the Feenweltchen above the display mine, elves, fairies, trolls and forest spirits have made their homes. Both young and old are invited to enjoy the adventure world that is the Feenweltchen. There is plenty to discover on the journey through the magical kingdom to the Fairy Tree-Top Castle.

You can read, listen, touch and taste at numerous information and interactive points in the interactive exhibition Grottoneum. Find out how the light used to be ignited in the mine. Let stalactites grow and fit the coloured minerals together in a puzzle. Experience how the Fairy Grottoes came about 440 million years ago in the grotto cinema.

Fairy Grottoes

Discover the amazing show caves...


A interactive museum to discover...


Magical experiences for big and small

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